Dress Code

Students shall wear school board approved uniforms:

Royal blue polo shirt with Taylor Mill Christian Academy embroidered on the shirt.
Navy blue or khaki/tan uniform pants or shorts.
Girls may wear navy blue or khaki/tan uniform skirts, skorts or jumpers.
Shorts, skirts, skorts or jumpers must be no shorter than the width of the student's hand above the knees.

Students may not wear jewelry or colorful cosmetics.

Students' Lunch

Students bring their own lunch to school.  There is one microwave oven for student use.  Lunches are to be vegetarian - no meat or fish.


The curriculum includes: art, Bible, language (Pathways), mathematics, music, physical education, reading (Pathways - including a phonics program - FUNDATIONS- for grades K-2), science, social studies

Pathways - Reading and writing workshops are incorporated in our weekly schedule.

The subject textbooks are published by:

Bible - Pacific Press Publishing Association
Mathematics - Harcourt and Glencoe
Social Studies - MacMillan/McGraw
Science - Scott Forsman, grades 1-4; Pacific Press Publishing Association, grades 5-8
Language - Pathways - Kendall Hunt 
Reading - Pathways - Kendall Hunt, chapter books

Reading and Writing Assessments

DIBELS - Grades K-4 reading assessment, three times a year
WrAP -writing - baseline, middle of the year, and a final essay scored by ERB